Even if you buy from a dealer, it’s good practice to walk around the vehicle and give it a brief but detailed inspection before test-driving. Furthermore, you should have an idea of a particular make and model’s value before negotiating.

Price - This is generally the biggest determining factor when purchasing a car. Buying used allows you to get a great car at a much lower price. Oftentimes, buyers can even purchase a nicer model for much less.
Depreciation - New cars lose value immediately upon driving them off of the dealership lot. Purchasing a used vehicle allows you to avoid major depreciation costs and get a vehicle at its true value.
Insurance - Insurance rates are affected by the age of a car so used vehicles often come with much lower insurance rates.

First comes the year of registration. A car which has travelled 14,000-18,000km and is about 3-5 year old, is the best buy. Check the vehicle's odometer to compare it to the manufacturing year. Remember, odometers can be tampered, whether electronic or mechanical.

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